Our On-Site Flu Program offers all this and so much more!


Program Manager

A Program Manager will assist with all the details to assure a successful program.

Add Online Scheduling / Sign-ups

                                                                      HIPPA compliant and available to help streamline your program.

Add Vaccines / Services

  • Pneumonia
  • Tdap
  • TB Screening / Reading

Save time and money with your Flu Program.

Multiple Locations


We can help! Your Program Manager will work with each of your locations to coordinate the perfect program.


Licensed Healthcare


Licensed Healthcare Providers will administer your flu vaccinations.

Promotional &

Educational Material

We will provide you with the material you need to help engage your employees and maximize participation.



We will remove all bio-hazardous material and properly dispose of it.


Kelli A.

"The entire process went very smoothly.  We are extremely happy with the nurse and your company!"

Laura C.

"We had the same nurse last month and she is great! She was very organized and kind. Excellent experience!"

Cassandra A.

"Your nurse was wonderful! Our staff enjoyed working with her and there were many comments about what a great job she did making it so easy and painless. If we can, we would like to request her again for next year."

Tammy R.

"Your service is excellent as always. Your nurse Melody is awesome, efficient and great with people!"

Sue M.

"If possible, we would like to request Jenny for our Flu Shots NEXT year...she is the best!"

Flu Prevention is Smart Business

Influenza is listed as one of the leading causes of employee absences. Some estimates indicate that up to 12 percent of all employee absences are due to employees contracting the flu virus. Each infected employee might miss up to six days of work and need up to two weeks to make a full recovery.

Flu Impacts the U.S. Annually

  • U.S. Population affected by the Flu

  • Reported Flu Hospitalizations (Ages 18-64)

  • U.S Population Vaccinated in 2012-13


This will cost U.S. companies billions of dollars each year in lost productivity, wages, poor quality of goods/services and excess management time. In addition, the employees who do show up to work are often burdened with extra duties and responsibilities to fill in for the absent employees, which can lead to feelings of frustration and a decline in morale.

In contrast, individuals that do go into work when they are sick which is known as "presenteeism" cost employers twice as much in productivity losses compared to those who stayed home.

Need Help with your Flu Shot Program?

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